Base and Noble Evaluation – Example: Fascism, Rise to Power

by markdyal

Base: Fascism took power because of leadership, organization, media manipulation, and a well-crafted plan.

Noble: Fascism took power because of squadrismo: unruly, uncontained, and unforgiving pack violence against everything weak, putrid, and decaying in Italian life. Amassed students, Futurists, and Arditi, ran ahead of the well planned schemes of the Fascist leadership and destabilized the bourgeois apparatus until it collapsed; leaving not only a smooth space where the State used to be, but also a general lack of faith in the State’s ability to re-establish liberal law and order.

By extension: The only way Fascism maintained power was to disband and disassemble the squads, and to distance itself from the squadristi. As a State, the only thing Fascism feared was the revolting that handed it power.