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Tag: Futurism

Uniting the Left and the Right

by markdyal

“When you feel yourselves aroused at your best by your wonderful ideal, do you not instinctively dream of holding a gun in your hands? Doesn’t any one of you feel himself to be a soldier in a battle that is approaching? Can you really be sure that your offspring will not one day condemn you for having raised them by ignoring, by scorning, the greatest of all aesthetics, that of frenzied battalions armed to the teeth? I am telling you that war, any war at all, is made with guns, and that our enemies are at the gates, that every kind of zeal is needed, that all forms of heroism compel us in these hours of immense psychological upheaval, in our desperate wait for war. We are all unsettled and maybe even fearful cowards. We have to convert the great hatred we have accrued into a great love, into great heroism. If rivers of blood run healthily through this dumbfounded, anemic world, we shall be the first Archangels of Health.” F.T. Marinetti, “Our Common Enemies”

If War is Not Holy, Man is Nothing but Antic Clay

by ds1881

“Every day men must electrify their nerves to a fearless pride! … Men must stake their lives on a single cast, not watching for cheating croupiers or checking the balance of the roulettes, but bending over the vast green carpets of war, sheltered by the luck-bearing lamp of the sun. The soul must—must, do you understand?— launch the body into the flames against the enemy, like a fireship, against the eternal enemy that we would have to invent if it didn’t exist.” F. T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!

Base and Noble Evaluation – Example: Fascism, Rise to Power

by markdyal

Base: Fascism took power because of leadership, organization, media manipulation, and a well-crafted plan.

Noble: Fascism took power because of squadrismo: unruly, uncontained, and unforgiving pack violence against everything weak, putrid, and decaying in Italian life. Amassed students, Futurists, and Arditi, ran ahead of the well planned schemes of the Fascist leadership and destabilized the bourgeois apparatus until it collapsed; leaving not only a smooth space where the State used to be, but also a general lack of faith in the State’s ability to re-establish liberal law and order.

By extension: The only way Fascism maintained power was to disband and disassemble the squads, and to distance itself from the squadristi. As a State, the only thing Fascism feared was the revolting that handed it power.

Reason is for Slaves

by ds1977

“Our hearts are still full of filthy rubbish: peacocks tails, pompous weathercocks. fancy perfumed handkerchiefs! And we still haven’t emptied our brains of the lugubrious ants of wisdom … We need madmen! Let’s go and free them!” F.T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!