Betrayal as a Radical Creative Act

by ds1881

“We betray the fixed powers that try to hold us back, the established powers of the earth. Fixed and established powers do not form an outside; they traverse our bodies, our relations, our worlds. The traitor therefore betrays her own realm, her own gender, her class, and her majority. To betray one’s own majority means to drop out of one’s own dominant normality. For it is difficult to be a traitor; it is to create. At the beginning of betrayal is the movement of disappearance, of becoming-nobody as a break of loyalty to the logic and to the terror of identity, representation and visibility. Betrayal as a creative act has to be imagined and actualised as a tendency of disappearance, as a movement that constantly has to be instituted, which again and again starts anew and thwarts the institutions, the structures, and the state apparatuses of representation.” Deleuze & Parnet, Dialogues, 30-33.