Derelict Space

“In My Leisure Time I Watch TV or a Movie, or Play Facebook.” “Good, Very Good.”

by markdyal

“Words are still the principal instruments of control. Suggestions. Persuasions. Orders. No control machine so far devised can operate without words, because only words create the subtleties and ambiguities needed to manufacture the opposition and acquiescence, without which, there is no control.” William Burroughs, “The Limits of Control,” Schizo-Culture: The Book, 38.

If What You Love Holds You Back, It Doesn’t Love You

by markdyal

“Make your loves into war-machines, and create your wars as love-machines.” Eugene Holland, Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus, 138 (translation modified).

Make a Withdrawal

by markdyal

Q: What are banks for?

A: To make money.

Q: For the customers?

A: For the banks.

Q: How do banks make money?

A: Customers lend it to them, and they lend it to other customers, each time charging interest.

Q: How much interest?

A: It depends on the bank. They set the rate as a rate of profit.

Q: Why isn’t it my profit? It’s my money after all.

A: You make a profit as long as you don’t withdraw your money: usually around half of one percent.

Q: Why do I need a bank at all?

A: You have to pay for goods and services that will not take cash.

Q: Why won’t they take cash? It seems a system designed to guarantee the banks a profit.


Q: And why would I need a bank if I didn’t want to withdraw my money?


Q: Hello? Why would a bank not want me to withdraw my money?

A: Because if you withdraw it they can’t lend it to anyone else.

Q: And if I remove my money which has been lent to someone else?

A: The bank will give you someone else’s money.

Q: But suppose that person wanted his/hers too? What if everyone wanted his/her money at once?

A: It’s the theory of banking practice that they never would.

Adapted from G. Edward Griffin. The Creature from Jekyll Island and Punch.

… But only for Beasts of Prey

by markdyal

“Ideals are cowardice.” Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics, 33.

Not, “Even Though,” but Precisely Because

by markdyal

“No one really believes anymore in revolutions – at least, that is how we are speaking these days! – even though, oddly enough, we still believe in ‘the I, the Self, in individuals, Races, Persons, and Nations.” Gregg Lambert, In Search of a New Image of Thought, 18.

If War is Not Holy, Man is Nothing but Antic Clay

by ds1881

“Every day men must electrify their nerves to a fearless pride! … Men must stake their lives on a single cast, not watching for cheating croupiers or checking the balance of the roulettes, but bending over the vast green carpets of war, sheltered by the luck-bearing lamp of the sun. The soul must—must, do you understand?— launch the body into the flames against the enemy, like a fireship, against the eternal enemy that we would have to invent if it didn’t exist.” F. T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!

Looting a Burning House: Not Just for Fun, but for Even More Fun

by markdyal

“When the Last Man is being harassed to exhaustion, and his resources are vanishing in pursuit of the fleas and tics formerly under his command, this is the time to bushwhack the parasites, destroy the Last Man’s roads and bridges, pillage his stores and armories, and burn his revenuers in their beds.” Sun Zi and Champ Ferguson, “Strategy Eight,” The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China.

Beirut: Most-Livable City in DS Readers Poll

by D

Reporter: Which is your favorite?

Hezbollah arms dealer: The Kalashnikov. It is the king of the streets. It was made for street fighting. It doesn’t make mistakes and ammo is cheap.

Base and Noble Evaluation – Example: Fascism, Rise to Power

by markdyal

Base: Fascism took power because of leadership, organization, media manipulation, and a well-crafted plan.

Noble: Fascism took power because of squadrismo: unruly, uncontained, and unforgiving pack violence against everything weak, putrid, and decaying in Italian life. Amassed students, Futurists, and Arditi, ran ahead of the well planned schemes of the Fascist leadership and destabilized the bourgeois apparatus until it collapsed; leaving not only a smooth space where the State used to be, but also a general lack of faith in the State’s ability to re-establish liberal law and order.

By extension: The only way Fascism maintained power was to disband and disassemble the squads, and to distance itself from the squadristi. As a State, the only thing Fascism feared was the revolting that handed it power.

The Micro-Politics of the Counter-Bourgeois Herd Thinning Pack Hunter, as Expressed by Scott Vogel

by ds1977

SLAVE TO NOTHING – Terror, “Defiant,” KOTF