Ethics, Behaviors, Forms of Life

by ds1977

“Harsh and horrible ethics can be the consequence of a surplus of life: since a lot can be risked, a lot can be challenged, a lot can also be squandered. Strong ages, noble cultures see pity, ‘neighbor love,’ and the lack of self and self-feeling as something contemptible. Ages should be measured by their positive forces – we moderns with our anxious self-solicitude and our neighbor love, with our virtues of work, modesty, lawfulness, and science – accumulating, economic, machine-like – we are a weak age. Equality essentially belongs to decline: the rift between people, between classes, the myriad number of types, the will to be yourself, to stand out, what I call the pathos of distance, is characteristic of every strong age.” Nietzsche, Skirmishes of an Untimely Man 37