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If War is Not Holy, Man is Nothing but Antic Clay

by ds1881

“Every day men must electrify their nerves to a fearless pride! … Men must stake their lives on a single cast, not watching for cheating croupiers or checking the balance of the roulettes, but bending over the vast green carpets of war, sheltered by the luck-bearing lamp of the sun. The soul must—must, do you understand?— launch the body into the flames against the enemy, like a fireship, against the eternal enemy that we would have to invent if it didn’t exist.” F. T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!

First Premises of a Discussion about Species Extinction

by ds1977

1. The State is an ecosystem designed to promote and sustain a very specific form of life.

2. One kills much more than a bureaucratic apparatus when one destroys the State.

Philosophy as Guerrilla War

by ds1977

“Philosophy isn’t a power: religions, States, capitalism, science, the law, public opinion, and television are powers, but not philosophy. Not being a power, philosophy can’t battle with the powers that be, but it does fight a war without battles – a guerrilla campaign – against them. And it can’t converse with them, it’s got nothing to tell them, nothing to communicate, and can only negotiate. Since the powers aren’t just external things, but permeate each of us, philosophy throws us all into constant negotiations with – and a guerrilla campaign against – ourselves.” Gilles Deleuze, Negotiations.