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Denaturalizing the Last Man

by markdyal

“Before economics could claim the title of ‘the science of behaviors,’ or even the status of ‘applied psychology,’ the economic creature, the being of need, had to be made to proliferate on the surface of the Earth. This being of need, this needy toiler, is not a creation of nature. For a long time there were only ways of living, and not needs. One inhabited a certain portion of the  world, and one knew how to feed oneself, clothe oneself, entertain oneself, and put a roof over one’s head there. Needs were historically produced, by tearing men and women away from their world. Whether this took the form of raids, expropriation, enclosures, or colonization matters little in this context. Needs were what economy gave to man in return for the world it took away.” The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends, 214.

Why We Read

by markdyal

“That one is fighting against a tyrant doesn’t mean that one is fighting for democracy. One may also be fighting for a different tyrant, or for the simple joy of fighting.
But if there is one thing that has nothing to do with the principle of majority it is insurrections, the victory of which depends on qualitative criteria – having to do with determination, courage, self-confidence, strategic sense, and collective energy.
If for two centuries elections have been the most widely used instrument after the army for suppressing insurrections it is clearly because the insurgents are never a majority.”

The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends