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One Step in the Long Road to Becoming-Docility

by ds1977

“Understanding and reason have a long history: they are instances which still make us obey when we no longer want to obey anyone. When we stop obeying God, the State, or our parents, reason appears and persuades us to continue being docile because it says to us: it is you who is giving the orders. Reason represents our slavery, and our subjection to it creates a real enslavement: I am superior because I am a rational being!” Gilles Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy, 92 (translation modified).

Reason is for Slaves

by ds1977

“Our hearts are still full of filthy rubbish: peacocks tails, pompous weathercocks. fancy perfumed handkerchiefs! And we still haven’t emptied our brains of the lugubrious ants of wisdom … We need madmen! Let’s go and free them!” F.T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!