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Negation as Joyous Affirmation

by ds1844

“There is something in the Nietzschean notion of value to explode all recognized, established values, something to create, in a state of permanent creation, new things that escape all recognition and every establishment. There you have a positive getting back to Nietzsche, how to philosophize with a hammer: never what is known, but a great destruction of the known, for the creation of the unknown.” Gilles Deleuze, Desert Islands, 136.

Outside Thought

by ds1977

“The critical task of outside thought, a task that is always untimely, is to untangle the lines that cut across, like a machine, the recent past and the near future. The thinker of the outside uses history excessively for the sake of something beyond or alien to it, thinking out of time for the sake of time, which amounts to becoming something other than what history has made us and wishes to make of us. It is thus incumbent upon outside philosophy to philosophize in the most radical manner conceivable, doing violence to the mind by breaking both with the natural bent of the intellect and with the habits of scientific praxis. One is reminded of Lyotard’s ‘monstrous’ insight that the activity of thinking and writing belongs to the mode of existence in which each person escapes all control, including – especially – their own.” Keith Ansell Pearson, Deleuze Outside/Outside Deleuze, 2