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If War is Not Holy, Man is Nothing but Antic Clay

by ds1881

“Every day men must electrify their nerves to a fearless pride! … Men must stake their lives on a single cast, not watching for cheating croupiers or checking the balance of the roulettes, but bending over the vast green carpets of war, sheltered by the luck-bearing lamp of the sun. The soul must—must, do you understand?— launch the body into the flames against the enemy, like a fireship, against the eternal enemy that we would have to invent if it didn’t exist.” F. T. Marinetti, Let’s Murder the Moonlight!

The Edge of the Herd is Still IN the Herd

by ds1977

“Thrown into a noisy and rabble-like age, with whom he does not wish to eat from the same bowl, he could easily perish from hunger and thirst or, if he were to ‘dig in’ at last – of sudden nausea. – Perhaps all of us at one time have sat at tables where we did not belong; and precisely the most spiritual among us, those hardest to feed, know the dangerous dyspepsia that stems from a sudden insight and disappointment about our food and our table mates – the nausea of dessert. Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 282

Competitors Pray While Predators Prey

by ds1977

“Violence, as the absence of competition, has no performance anxiety component. It really is just touching, if we mean it in the same way that we would smash a soda can flat, or slam a car door, or break a stick. The physics and biomechanics involved are all the same. Any considerations beyond that are imaginary. The physical realization that violence is about a failure to compete, an end-run around competition, is liberating. Gone is the worry about being big enough, fast enough, or strong enough. The other guy’s skill counts for absolutely nothing. It’s all about you. The other guy is prey to be taken, meat to be butchered. The pressure is off and you are free to do as you will. You are exercising your legacy as a predator – and by all accounts, predation is pleasurable.” Tim Larkin and Chris Ranck-Buhr How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of your Life, 43