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If What You Love Holds You Back, It Doesn’t Love You

by markdyal

“Make your loves into war-machines, and create your wars as┬álove-machines.” Eugene Holland, Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus, 138 (translation modified).

Think Differently about Thinking Difference

by ds1977

“There is a fundamental difference between State history and minoritarian becomings: whereas the State continually adds developments to its past – both in writing and through territorial conquest – a minoritarian becoming subtracts the codifications of its past in order to maximize the potential to take history in other directions. In other words, the narratives of State history and the actions informed by that history retrace and reinforce the causal chains that produce and/or consolidate State rule – this is the one sense in which history is always written by the victor. By contrast, minoritarian becomings strip away (decode) the actual determinations of the past, and restore to the present its virtual potential to become-otherwise in the future.” Eugene Holland, Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus, 136-137.

Competitors Pray While Predators Prey

by ds1977

“Violence, as the absence of competition, has no performance anxiety component. It really is just touching, if we mean it in the same way that we would smash a soda can flat, or slam a car door, or break a stick. The physics and biomechanics involved are all the same. Any considerations beyond that are imaginary. The physical realization that violence is about a failure to compete, an end-run around competition, is liberating. Gone is the worry about being big enough, fast enough, or strong enough. The other guy’s skill counts for absolutely nothing. It’s all about you. The other guy is prey to be taken, meat to be butchered. The pressure is off and you are free to do as you will. You are exercising your legacy as a predator – and by all accounts, predation is pleasurable.” Tim Larkin and Chris Ranck-Buhr How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of your Life, 43

And if Altruism is a Tool of the State …?

by ds1977

“The Southerner has retained and fostered – in a certain way reinstated – the medieval estimate as to the value of life. In the opinion of those ages it was but lightly esteemed; it was not a supreme good for which almost all else was to be sacrificed, but something to be taken in hand and put in risk in the pursuit of manly ideals. Modernism has worked to intensify the passion for existence until those who are under its dominion cannot well conceive how a man – except for some supreme duty to which he is pledged by altruistic motives – can give up his own life or take that of his neighbor.” Nathaniel Shaler, North American Review, 1890.