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Is Your Body Ready?

by ds1844

“Our own wild nature is the best place to recover from our un-nature, from our spirituality.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Arrows & Epigrams 6.

The Events of Secession

by ds1881

“A line of flight neither to a new political-cultural alterity nor to a new form of political organization but instead to a radically new plane of consistency – to a new singularity and disaggregation of life’s potentials for assemblage and creation. This line of flight would be a movement of internal desertion, of an irreducibility to the bourgeois man and his heaven, of a total absence from State-Capital: indifferent to its values, ignorant of its provocations, and unresponsive to its stimuli. Autonomy! Desertion! Deserting family; deserting school; deserting the office, the army, the duty, the responsibility, the debt; deserting men, women, and citizen; deserting everything that holds us entrapped, enslaved, and entranced.” From High Mountains, “Becoming-Autonomy,”

Philosophy as Guerrilla War

by ds1977

“Philosophy isn’t a power: religions, States, capitalism, science, the law, public opinion, and television are powers, but not philosophy. Not being a power, philosophy can’t battle with the powers that be, but it does fight a war without battles – a guerrilla campaign – against them. And it can’t converse with them, it’s got nothing to tell them, nothing to communicate, and can only negotiate. Since the powers aren’t just external things, but permeate each of us, philosophy throws us all into constant negotiations with – and a guerrilla campaign against – ourselves.” Gilles Deleuze, Negotiations.

RAF Logic

by ds1977

“Through their use of psychological warfare, the pigs try to reverse those facts which are revealed through guerrilla action: that the people do not depend upon the State, but the State upon the people; that the police was created not to protect people from criminals but to protect the State from the people; that we do not depend on American troops and institutions but that these depend on us. It is up to us whether the State continues and it is up to us whether it will be smashed.” Ulrike Meinhof