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Aristotle: Enslave the Priests’ Greatest Enemies

by markdyal

“There are indeed natural slaves,” says one of the herd’s wisest priests. “Those whose bodies are strong, whose fires rage beyond the protective veil of civilization, whose instincts seek conflict and thrill in battle and deny the just and learned council of established tables of values, whose minds are indisciplined and unrestrained by the calm security of rationality – those who live without the stings of duty and guilt. These men,” says the wise one, “are those who MUST BE LED.”

Toward Anthropological Revolution

by ds1977

“All sick and sickly people strive instinctively for herd organization. Wherever there are herds it is the instinct of weakness that willed the herd and the cleverness of the priest that organized it.” Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality, Third Treatise, Section 18.

The Head Follows the Yoke.

by markdyal

The dictatorship of the herd ensures that you only experience knowledge, violence, and human potentialities for creation from the perspective of politicians, merchants, and priests; and rightly so: after all, imagine what might you know, will, or create without their shepherding!