Derelict Space

The Confusion of Rearing and Taming, Part One

by markdyal

In order to think fairly of morality, we must put two biological notions in its place: the taming of the wild beasts, and the rearing of a particular species.

The priests of all ages have always pretended that they wish to “improve.” … but we, of another persuasion would laugh if a lion-tamer ever wished to speak to us of his “improved” animals. As a rule, the taming of a beast is only achieved by deteriorating it: even the moral man is not a better man; he is rather a weaker man. But he is less harmful. — The Will to Power, Book II, A Criticism of Morality, 397.

For Our Friends, Who Would Rather Fight than Submit.

by markdyal

“Parliamentarianism, i.e. the public permission to choose between five basic political opinions, flatters and wins the favor of all those who like to appear independent and individualistic and would like to fight for their opinions. In the end, however, it is irrelevant whether the herd is commanded to have one opinion or permitted to have five. Whoever deviates from the five public opinions and steps aside will always have the whole herd against him.” The Gay Science, Book Three, 174.

A Song of Liberty

by ds1881


“Let the Priests of the Raven of dawn, no longer in deadly black, with hoarse note curse the sons of joy. Nor his accepted brethren whom tyrant, he calls free, lay the bound or build the roof. Nor pale religious lechery call that virginity, that wishes but acts not! For every thing that lives is Holy.” William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

We Can Make Our Own “Nights of Love”!

by ds1881

“Domination is a relationship, not a condition; it depends on the participation of both parties. Hierarchical power is not just the gun in the policeman’s hand; it is just as much the obedience of the ones who act as if it is always pointed at them. It is not just the government and the executives and the armed forces; it extends through society from top to bottom, an interlocking web of control and compliance. Sometimes all it takes to be complicit in the oppression of millions is to die of natural causes.” crimethInc

“Suck my Blood and Fuck the Truth!”

by ds1881

“Riot with whatever at your hand!” Never let an armed-to-teeth weaponry make you move! Enjoy this moment! Now! You can’t lose it! Its glory is for you! Trust your body! Your body is your life! Your body is your will! Gift it the beauty to dance to its own dreams! In its own terms! Love your body! Your warrior body! Your naked body! Get it out and let it revolt! “And then it will get you move!” That’s why we can riot! Why we can move! Why we can live! Why we can dance to our blood when it is shed… “Suck my blood and fuck that truth!” My brother told me while killed at war. “Leave me, yet live me in your next riot!” That’s how we do it! In my land. In my space. A constant RIOT.

Are you Smarter than Surveillance?

by markdyal

“It was a romantic life, maybe to be looked back upon as the glory days of youth. If it was poverty, it was poverty only on paper. Poverty is a mathematical equation, an expression of how much one can buy. What about how much we can steal? Doesn’t that count for anything?” anonymous, Evasion

Denaturalizing the Last Man

by markdyal

“Before economics could claim the title of ‘the science of behaviors,’ or even the status of ‘applied psychology,’ the economic creature, the being of need, had to be made to proliferate on the surface of the Earth. This being of need, this needy toiler, is not a creation of nature. For a long time there were only ways of living, and not needs. One inhabited a certain portion of the  world, and one knew how to feed oneself, clothe oneself, entertain oneself, and put a roof over one’s head there. Needs were historically produced, by tearing men and women away from their world. Whether this took the form of raids, expropriation, enclosures, or colonization matters little in this context. Needs were what economy gave to man in return for the world it took away.” The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends, 214.

Why We Read

by markdyal

“That one is fighting against a tyrant doesn’t mean that one is fighting for democracy. One may also be fighting for a different tyrant, or for the simple joy of fighting.
But if there is one thing that has nothing to do with the principle of majority it is insurrections, the victory of which depends on qualitative criteria – having to do with determination, courage, self-confidence, strategic sense, and collective energy.
If for two centuries elections have been the most widely used instrument after the army for suppressing insurrections it is clearly because the insurgents are never a majority.”

The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends

The View from Vesuvius

by markdyal

The man who is free to obey the law is not free

The man who is free to do as he is told is not free

The man who is free to live according to the norms of a sociality created to ensure the thriving of slaves is not free

The man who knows that this is the case is a conflicted beast

And he is dangerous.

Slave Power Moves the Bourgeois World, Part 2

by markdyal

“We speak of masters and nobility, as if just by vocalization the world has been transformed; and of course, everything has only happened between slaves, conquering or conquered. The mania for representing, for being represented, for getting oneself represented; for having representatives and representeds: this is the mania that is common to all slaves, the only relation between themselves that they can conceive of, the relation they impose with their triumph. It is the slave, with its mediocre dialectical machine that exclaims to all the futility of escape.” Gilles Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy, 81 (translation modified).