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First Premises of a Discussion about Species Extinction

by ds1977

1. The State is an ecosystem designed to promote and sustain a very specific form of life.

2. One kills much more than a bureaucratic apparatus when one destroys the State.

Roots are Certain//Sky is Empty

by markdyal

Roots are certain/

So say the bourgeois profiteers as they ask you to buy into The Revolt.
They sell you roots to keep you from revolting.
After all, your money has no value amongst men who can’t be bought,
Or those who know that you can’t buy nobility.

/Sky is empty.

So becomes the body,
Cut loose on the frontline, the battles raging within: sloughing off the roots that connect it to nothing but the status quo.
The roots that demand submission to certainties that are only true to men who are beneath you,
To men who would sicken at the thought of your battles.

Dancing with Marinetti

by markdyal

If what you do does not cripple the State – by which I mean it’s power to control you – then it does harm to your potential for freedom. For the State has only two functions at this point: to create as many hands as possible to pass currency from one subject to another, and to protect the various systems that allow those transactions.

Anything you do beyond actualizing and maximizing currency flows is transgression. A slave will suggest that the State also profits from our transgressions and thus rationalize its passive enslavement – less to the State than his own cowardice, in this case. And while this is true, it is also true that very few slaves ever get a taste of freedom; for unlike raptors and wolves, a slave will do anything to avoid bloodshed. The slave, it seems, values possession too highly, and this keeps his blood dancing happily to his master’s beat.

Meanwhile the raptors and wolves dance unchained around the flames of their burning fetters singing, “blood has no value unless it is spilled.”

The Point of Transvaluation

by markdyal

You don’t strip men away from the herd by demanding that they think more excellently as herd animals. Any appeal to value or truth that leads beyond you and your pack is a trap placed in your path by a slave or his priestly overseers.

The Head Follows the Yoke.

by markdyal

The dictatorship of the herd ensures that you only experience knowledge, violence, and human potentialities for creation from the perspective of politicians, merchants, and priests; and rightly so: after all, imagine what might you know, will, or create without their shepherding!

The Events of Secession

by ds1881

“A line of flight neither to a new political-cultural alterity nor to a new form of political organization but instead to a radically new plane of consistency – to a new singularity and disaggregation of life’s potentials for assemblage and creation. This line of flight would be a movement of internal desertion, of an irreducibility to the bourgeois man and his heaven, of a total absence from State-Capital: indifferent to its values, ignorant of its provocations, and unresponsive to its stimuli. Autonomy! Desertion! Deserting family; deserting school; deserting the office, the army, the duty, the responsibility, the debt; deserting men, women, and citizen; deserting everything that holds us entrapped, enslaved, and entranced.” From High Mountains, “Becoming-Autonomy,”