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National Liberation

by markdyal

“Make up your minds, it’s one or the other.” CrimethInc. Contradictionary

We Can Make Our Own “Nights of Love”!

by ds1881

“Domination is a relationship, not a condition; it depends on the participation of both parties. Hierarchical power is not just the gun in the policeman’s hand; it is just as much the obedience of the ones who act as if it is always pointed at them. It is not just the government and the executives and the armed forces; it extends through society from top to bottom, an interlocking web of control and compliance. Sometimes all it takes to be complicit in the oppression of millions is to die of natural causes.” crimethInc

Are you Smarter than Surveillance?

by markdyal

“It was a romantic life, maybe to be looked back upon as the glory days of youth. If it was poverty, it was poverty only on paper. Poverty is a mathematical equation, an expression of how much one can buy. What about how much we can steal? Doesn’t that count for anything?” anonymous, Evasion