“Suck my Blood and Fuck the Truth!”

by ds1881

“Riot with whatever at your hand!” Never let an armed-to-teeth weaponry make you move! Enjoy this moment! Now! You can’t lose it! Its glory is for you! Trust your body! Your body is your life! Your body is your will! Gift it the beauty to dance to its own dreams! In its own terms! Love your body! Your warrior body! Your naked body! Get it out and let it revolt! “And then it will get you move!” That’s why we can riot! Why we can move! Why we can live! Why we can dance to our blood when it is shed… “Suck my blood and fuck that truth!” My brother told me while killed at war. “Leave me, yet live me in your next riot!” That’s how we do it! In my land. In my space. A constant RIOT.